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Kyle And Furna by meltdown44 Kyle And Furna :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 8 32 my and Cloud's koopaling form by meltdown44 my and Cloud's koopaling form :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 13 44 double cute cat forms X3 by meltdown44 double cute cat forms X3 :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 16 64 Me In Roblox Form by meltdown44 Me In Roblox Form :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 9 72 Kate The Dragonite by meltdown44 Kate The Dragonite :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 10 63 Nick The Plushie Scorchio by meltdown44 Nick The Plushie Scorchio :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 21 18 Me In Baby Form~ (well Almost) by meltdown44 Me In Baby Form~ (well Almost) :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 11 35 Nate The Piplup by meltdown44 Nate The Piplup :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 25 42 A Slimey And Wet Hug But It Was Worth It by meltdown44 A Slimey And Wet Hug But It Was Worth It :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 29 148 pafu and wade by meltdown44 pafu and wade :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 7 58 Marlen The Yoshi ^^ by meltdown44 Marlen The Yoshi ^^ :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 19 96 Logan The Mynci by meltdown44 Logan The Mynci :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 14 91 Mirena the kacheek by meltdown44 Mirena the kacheek :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 9 15 Caileb The Bruce~ ^^ by meltdown44 Caileb The Bruce~ ^^ :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 16 90 And my laptop works like a charm  by meltdown44 And my laptop works like a charm :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 8 194 bob542 the eyrie by meltdown44 bob542 the eyrie :iconmeltdown44:meltdown44 16 6


Splatpads dino form by Arowe01 Splatpads dino form :iconarowe01:Arowe01 6 8
Should I just get out of everyone's way
Do I  get in your way at all.....Becuase I feel like I do......and if I do...I'm sorry.....I'll just get out of everyones way.....all I do is try to be freindly...that's all....but I see it now that I'm not all that are my fiends....good bye......😭😭😭😭😭,I'm so sorry if I get in your way...I'm just trying to be nice...but I'm just not needed.....I hope you'll all be happy with out me being here......😭😭😭😭
:iconarowe01:Arowe01 1 137
Fennekin and Riolu Lineart by Krayr Fennekin and Riolu Lineart :iconkrayr:Krayr 16 11
Guest what, one of my works 
was stolen by this user named :icon101supermariomaster:101SuperMarioMaster who claimed to be Lisa Simpson herself. (Yeah, sure.) But anyway, this drawing (MY drawing) was supposed to be an colorized version to the original line art by :iconkrayr:Krayr herself.
:iconwario94:Wario94 1 0
Happy Birthday ArcticKitty81 by LisaDots123 Happy Birthday ArcticKitty81 :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 24 3 Ben and Penny by LisaDots123 Ben and Penny :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 21 6
Click the Cat season 1 episode 20

*The day at School*
Everyone: Table, Flower, Chair, Pencil!
Stan: Very good, now you all how to read the words, let's see you can to spell, who will like to go first?
Everyone: Me, me, me, I do, I do!
Stan: Nick, spell the word Daisy.
Nick: DAISY, D-A-Y. Hmm....I better check.
Freddy: Hey Nick, you can't peek like that, that's cheating!
Nick: It is....
Stan: Well, spelling can be a bit hard, I'll give a hint, the next word is an i.
Nick: i, Oh yeah, s, y. Daisy!^^
Stan: That's right, well done, Nick!^^ Alright who's next?
Lucy the little black cat:* Writes the word window*
Stan: Very good Lucy, you all did very good on your spelling, I think your ready for a test, on Thursday, if you get all the words right, I'll give you a pens!
Freddy: Say Dad, since I'm getting all words right, can I have a pen, I wanting to write it with it!
Stan: Sorry Fred, you have to write the test first.
Freddy: Hmm...
Stan: I'm sure, all of you, get all word ri
:iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 9 6
Loopy, Zack and Paper Loopy by LisaDots123 Loopy, Zack and Paper Loopy :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 23 14 Happy Birthday fabian-666 by LisaDots123 Happy Birthday fabian-666 :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 22 5 Zoey the cat by LisaDots123 Zoey the cat :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 19 5 Chip by LisaDots123 Chip :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 26 5 Nala by LisaDots123 Nala :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 22 4 Rosie to Super Rosie by LisaDots123 Rosie to Super Rosie :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 19 2 Chasing a butterfly by LisaDots123 Chasing a butterfly :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 20 7 Bow by LisaDots123 Bow :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 24 11 Pinky by LisaDots123 Pinky :iconlisadots123:LisaDots123 25 15



Bonnie, Cloud, Kate and Gabe: *sad and tearing up* :(
Is it me or has da gone quiet now?
Kyle And Furna
well something has been getting at me and i had to do these two some how

these two are actually are ideas in rps with :iconalphawolfbree: and :iconbeansthecat:

kyle and furna - me

mixels - cn and lego
*excited as fuck* oh my fucking god yes! Finally I have graduated from high school :D :D
my and Cloud's koopaling form
heh looks like this one is inspired from an rp with :iconblueyoshiegg: really helps out too ^^

base/ lineart by: :iconlarryandlemmykoopa:

link as always: larryandlemmykoopa.deviantart.…

the colors for cloud i had to get from an image on here that was my version of cloud back since December 2016

and by the way the annotation basically says what i had with the spiked bracelet

Made with DeviantArt muro
Well.. I just don't know what to think of it honestly but this game called "blue whale" I really recommend not playing it. I will provide why:…………

Like these two said this game is dangerous to play.

And also here's a link to the Indian Express site article about it:…

Journals by :iconjustinanddennnis: :iconapplejack-1982: :iconcrysta-lynx: and :iconshinypteranodon:

Well I hope this would help others and myself, even though this should have died...


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harold baker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I may not be an artist but I'll put what I could through. (You can refer me by my real name if you want I don't mind.)

3ds fc: 0361 8792 no 3442

Psn (for PS3 only): rsunspot

Steam: meltdown441

YouTube: ray baker
Skype: Harold baker

OCs: Magnus, Bonnie the charizard, cloud the Dragonite, parnus, dassinggod, Markus Wayne, rsunspot, jarald and etc.

twitch: dassinggo

Twitter and Instagram: bakerray95





wife: :iconalphawolfbree: aka :iconcutie-lover:



:iconkoshi5: - a very good friend of mine who helped me on Cloud.

:iconskullendrious: - he might be gay but he's a chill dude and a friend of me and Bree.

:iconmoosiful: a friendly lumpy fan who helped me through hard times.

zodiac sign: Leo…">What Super Power Do You Have?
What Super Power Do You Have?
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gems: fire and peridot

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
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